Rewards Program for Ike’s Place Bar & Grill

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How Does it Work?

  • Receive one point for every dollar you spend on food or alcohol at Ike’s Place.*
  • Double points earned every Friday and Saturday AFTER 9 PM.*
  • It’s SIMPLE: 100 points = $10 credit @ Ike’s.
Also, receive additional special privileges and fabulous deals available only to Rewards Members!

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*Ask an Ike’s employee for further details, rules, and for any updates.


The Ike’s Place Rewards Card is non-transferable to friends or family. Each person over the age of 16 years old must have their own card. Purchases for persons under the age of 16 years old will be credited to their parents' card (parent must be present at the time of purchase). Upon making purchases at Ike’s Place, you must present your card along with proper identification to ensure credit is given for purchases.

Purchase points that were not credited to any Rewards Card from a previous visit MAY NOT be retroactively credited to your account. Rewards Card and valid identification must be presented AT TIME OF PURCHASE to be credited.

All purchase amounts are automatically rounded DOWN to the nearest dollar. (e.g. $8.75 purchase equals 8 points).

Discounted items, comps, comp’d gift certificates, promos, and specials are not eligible when earning points.

A maximum of 25 points per card per day.

You agree to receive occasional emails and or texts from Ike’s Place informing you of, but not limited to, special events, newsletters, charity events, special member only deals, etc.

Membership cards that have no activity for 90 days will lose all earned points. We invite you to begin earning points again each time you come back to Ike’s Place.

Lost, stolen, or misplaced cards will not be replaced. Guests can receive a new card at any time but points will not be transferred. Our system does not allow us to transfer points, regardless of the circumstance.

Points cannot be earned until registered.

The Ike’s Place Rewards Card remains property of the Ike’s Place and must be surrendered upon request.

Ike’s Place reserves the right to alter or cancel this program at any time, without notice. Please contact management for any updates in the program.

Don't worry, your personal information is safe. We don't give, share, sell, lend, or grant other people access to your information.

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